Sunday, July 30, 2006


so this morning i saw an ad in the rapid city journal for paper carriers needed in my area.

a. you have to get up and have the papers delivered by 6:30.

b. the route is small and right across the road from me.

c. you get paid over $100 a month to do it.

so i pondered those things and more...

d. i get up and walk every morning and have to be back home by 6:30 so jim can go to work.

e. the houses on the route are houses i'd pass by on any normal walk.

f. i could use an extra $100 a month, for doing something i'd do anyway!

so yeah, a phone call later i'm hired and i'm signing the contract on monday. we'll see how this goes :). there's only 27 papers to deliver during the week and 35 on weekends. it should take me less than an hour a day, and i'd be outside walking anyway.

i'm excited to have some accountability to make sure i get out of bed early enough every day. like, i HAVE to now. walking is great, but mostly i just never regret getting up early to see the sun rise, hear the birds and get some time outside by myself before the day starts. now, i'm going to get paid to do it. not bad! ok, i'm sure i'll end up not loving everything about the job, but i think it will be an interesting experience, so i'm up for trying it out.

so yeah, i'm a papergirl now.

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katie said...

congrats on the new job! i see "fun" money in your future...lattes and scones to celebrate this one!