Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Life Every Day Begins...

here i am, thrown into the world of blogging by friends who insist they would read what i have to say (i'm only 75 % sure i believe them). as i sat here this morning trying to come up with some kind of incredibly cool, man i wish i would have thought of that title for my blog, title, the phrase Life Every Day came to mind. i'm home a lot. i do a lot of ordinary things. i am constantly in search of finding LIFE in a lot of the every day and mundane. it's not too hard to find, but it takes some intentionality! so here i go in an effort to make sure i'm on the lookout for life to the fullest all around me...even if life to the fullest means taking time out to play that extra game of candy land. i know those choices mean more than i can imagine right now and i'm eagerly anticipating my girl's wedding days when during their speech to their parents they (through tears, of course) let me know the depth of their gratitude that i always let them win and the countless hours i've spent making sure they know "Jesus loves it when we share, so if that toy comes between you two and keeps us from having peace in our house, we'll just have to take it away..." really paid off. (that, by the way, is a scenario that plays itself out at least seven times a day in this house...) so anyway, here i am hoping to (at least somewhat regularly) let you in on the Life i've found Every Day in the everyday life i'm living.


About Brandon said...

Koch Family,

We're so excited to see that you have a blog now and look forward to reading it regularly!

We love you guys and are so thankful that God has provided your friendship!


Brandon & Jennifer

katie said...

Way to go, Megan!! finally, a way to know what is really going on in the everyday life of the Kochs. :) maybe you could let patie and grace have a shot and they could explain what came over them yesterday...camping out in their room, only desiring "wa wa, yeah" until 12:30! and then maybe i could slip, i mean share some with georgia. :)