Monday, March 17, 2008

Let me just say, the last month has been crazy defined, but also very, very smooth. We are so thrilled to finally be together again, in our own home again, and life is good. Everyone seems to have made a super-easy transition to our new house and I shouldn't be surprised, since I've prayed over our transition about 200 times.So, I'll just say Praise the Lord- our life could be crazy right now and it isn't.

I have dozens of things I want to post about, now that I've got my computer back, and tons of pictures to sort through- I couldn't upload any of them while we were in transit, so I actually FILLED my memory card- which never happens to me. Thankfully, it didn't fill up until yesterday, and we got the Internet back today- so, whew, we're safe. No amazing, picture-worthy things happened between the time it filled and this morning- good deal.

I knew this week would be filled with a lot of work, and the girls would be putting up with all of the busy-work of moving like boxes everywhere, everything's new, Mom and Dad are busy, etc. so before we came I picked up some fun, "special" things at the grocery store so I'd have some tasty little things to add to the girls' mealtimes, to add a little special to their day.

Ah- the picture is explained- Nutella. **Insert mmmmmmmmmmmmm sound now, please**. I didn't have Nutella for the first time until I was 19. I was in Poland at the time, and since I'd never seen it before, I thought it was strictly European. Oh, how excited I was to find that it's sold here too. I never think to buy it, though, which amazes me. I gave the girls Nutella Sammies for lunch- a lovely combination with milk, string cheese and a banana, which are every day fare. And, you could say our move has been as smooth as the delicious, chocolate, hazelnut, wonderful Nutella. OK, one more time, **mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm**.


Kimberly said...

Congratulations on a successful move. I can imagine you are relieved to be settling in. Can't wait to hear more about your new home and see some pictures!!

Nutella - that is some GOOD stuff!

Ris said...

So happy for you guys! Never heard of Nutella! What exactly is that?

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am so glad you are all doing so well with the transition. You can say a few prayers for ours. It's coming up so quickly and I am feeling under-prepared as well as unqualified to guide my kids through it.

Nutella! My husband nearly lived on the stuff before we were married. I've never tasted it but it looks and sounds amazing!